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Community Chat, Video/Audio Calls, Games, and Apps for Websites.

Embed on your Website: Community Chat, Video/Audio Calls, Games, Subscription Forms, and More!

Increment your community, engage more customers, increment sales, make your website the place everyone loves to come back to!



Take a look at some of our Amazing Features

Community Chat Messaging

Users can Chat in Rooms and Private Chat.

Users can send Images, Videos, Audios and any Type of Files.

Users can React with Emojis to Messages.

Users can Reply to Chat messages.

Chat supports Online/Offline User Status Indicator.

Chat supports Read/Unread Messages indicator.

The Chat interface supports more than 30 Languages.

The Chat Interface is fully customizable (Appearance and Settings).

Video/Audio Calls

Users can make Video/Audio Calls with each other.

Video Calls are in HD quality.

Video/Audio Calls have Unlimited Conversation Time.

Video/Audio Calls are available on all types of devices (Desktop and Mobile).

Visualization and Positioning Modes

Chat is fully Responsive.

Chat is available on all types of devices (Desktop and Mobile).

Users can use the Chat in Compact or Multi-Window mode.

Users can Resize the Chat in any direction.

Users can Drag and Drop the Chat anywhere on your website.

Users can Maximize the Chat to fill your entire website space.

Customer Service

You can provide Customer Service to Customers/Visitors.

Users can contact Agents/Moderators in the first item on the Chat list, marked with the "Admin" label.

You can have Unlimited Agents serving Customers/Visitors.

Admin or Agents/Moderators can Manage all Chat activity, including Ban ill-intentioned users, deleting messages, etc.

Games and Apps

Enable or Disable a Bar with Games and Apps on your website.

There are 70 fun Games that you can enable or disable.

Games and other Apps are fully Responsive.

You can show Subscription Forms to visitors to show promotions or capture visitor information.

Admin Dashboard

Here you can see Some of the Admin Dashboard sections.

The Admin Dashboard is Extremely Easy to Use.

In just a few Clicks, you can have Full Control of the Chat and the other Services on your website.

You can Track in Real-Time the Activity and Statistics of the Chat, Users, and Applications.

And much more!

Enjoy WebIncrement!


The most powerful Chat Resources on the Market


Up to Unlimited Simultaneous Chat Users!

You can have up to unlimited users connected simultaneously to the Chat.


Up to Unlimited Chat Rooms!

You can create up to Unlimited Chat rooms, for an unlimited number of users.


Unlimited HD Video Calls time!

Users can make HD video calls to each other with an Unlimited conversation time.


Up to Unlimited Agents/Moderators!

You can have up to an Unlimited number of Agents/Moderators who provide Customer Service to your Customers/Visitors and Moderate the Chat activity.


Up to Unlimited Chat message history!

The Chat messages can be stored for an Unlimited time.


70 fun Games on your Website!

Engage your Customers/Visitors to come back to your website by giving them the opportunity to have fun playing 70 fun html5 games on your own website.


Fully Customizable Appearance!

You can Customize the Colors, Shapes, and Styles to make the Chat fit your website.


Fully Customizable Settings!

You can Customize the way users interact with Chat: messaging, video/audio calls, sounds, filters, etc.


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Discover our Plans

Choose the right Plan for you, based on the size of your current Website Community and how much you want to Increment it.


5 Simultaneous Chat Users.
Up to 1,000 monthly visits.
1 Chat Room.
Video/Audio calls.
0 Agents or Moderators.
14 Days Chat Message History.
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$19.00 /month
1,000 Simultaneous Chat Users.
Up to 500,000 monthly visits.
50 Chat Rooms.
Video/Audio calls.
50 Agents/Moderators.
Chat History (6 months)
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$199.00 /month
Unlimited Simultaneous Chat Users.
Unlimited monthly visits.
Unlimited Chat Rooms.
Video/Audio calls.
Unlimited Agents/Moderators.
Lifetime Chat History
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